Who Is Saire Davis ?

Coach Sai is a former Division 1 athlete who found his new path as a sports performance footwork specialist, mindset coach, entrepreneur, author, and professional speaker, after his football career ended.
Coach Sai has trained and mentored some of the best lacrosse athletes
in the state of Georgia and has also worked with some of the biggest
schools and corporate companies to help individuals learn the
importance of mental toughness and confidence development so that
they can be the best versions of themselves.
He is well known for his relentless work ethic, dedication, and
perseverance which imparts to other athletes with his powerful way of
teaching and inspiring athletes to compete against themselves and win
the game within.

Saire’s Zero To Hero Story

He could be described as someone who beat the stereotypes that are
placed on adolescents growing up in rough environments. Or you can
view him as a success story that is stained with failure. However, if you
look deeper you’ll discover something else. You’ll see a man whose
steps are ordained by God and an energetic ball of energy, wisdom,
positivity, inspiration and uniqueness. And you’ll most definitely be
inspired by his relentless work ethic, dedication, and perseverance
which he loves to impart to others with his powerful story. Saire has a
Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology, minor in Sport Psychology from
Charleston Southern University. He devotes majority of his time
worshipping God, loving family and mentoring student athletes, atrisk youth students, unprivileged youths, and training skill specific
drills for student athletes.

“ 0 percent of you should be competing with anyone but your self. ”

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