Whether speaking to a church, student athletes, youth organizations or schools, Saire has a gift to inspire. Click the video below to see Saire’s passion and love for pouring life, encouragement, positivity, and hope to individuals around the world.

Topic Areas of Expertise

  1. Resilience
  2. Integrity and Work Ethic
  3. Mindset Development and Mental Toughness
  4. Overcoming Adversity
  • Jason Gates, Macon Mavs Basketball Academy Head Coach

    “Saire is someone you definitely need to bring in to talk to your sports team, youth organization, or school. Saire’s topics and personal experiences being a student athlete made Saire an immediate great speaker for our team. Coaches on our team after Saire was done speaking came up to me and said Saire was the right guy to bring in and we look forward to having him again.”

  • Nick Searcy, Peach County High School Wide Receivers Coach

    “After working with Saire, the attitude of my team got extremely better. A lot of players stepped up to fulfill bigger roles, and guys stopped complaining as much prior to having Saire come in and speak. The result of him coming in and delivering his message, caused my team to go the middle school boys basketball championship for the first time in 20 years.”

  • Robert Cotton, Southwest Head Basketball Coach

    “ Saire is a very fine young mine with thought out messages. Having Saire come in and speak to my team proved to the guys that anything is possible if you are willing to put God first and stay work hard after your dreams and goals. “

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