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  • "Meeting you was really a God thing, bc it's very rare you find a coach that cares as much as you do about developing kids from all over to be the best they can be, which translates off the field, just as much as on! Scott & I are so grateful that our girls are working with you. You have a gift!"

    Jennifer M.
    Parent of D1 Lacrosse Player

  • "Awww! I have to tell you that your two lessons actually made a difference. That is the only reason whyI can think that they last tournaments she has done so amazing! I have never ever seen her drive in likeshe did, etc. YOU made the difference!"

    Cheryl A.
    Parent of D1 Lacrosse Commit

  • "Let me tell you something man, this girl is becoming a dangerous weapon, she was killin folks at Storm practice tonight. This is the best I've ever seen her and the confidence is growing. I blame you for some of that. Big ups boss- its working."

    Chad B.
    Parent of D1 Lacrosse Commit

  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact me using any method shown below. Please allow 48 hours fora response.

  • Call: 678-900-7824
    Text: Same as above
    Email: info@sairedavis.com



Training Session Areas of Focus:

01. Footwork

Having great feet is optimal with the development of a player’s athletic development.

02. Hip Mobility

To be a great athlete, you must have fluid and flexible hips to be able to make effective cuts.

04. Hand Eye Coordination

Proper hand eye coordination allows lacrosse athletes to increase their reaction time and focus on catching the ball.

05. Player's Mindset and Mentality

Saire strives for his players to not only be great athlete’s but better individuals, and not only defined by their sports performance.

06. Lacrosse Dodging

Understanding how to get by a defender with proper feet placement and selling a move with your head and shoulders.

07. Lacrosse Defending

Understanding how to be quick on our feet in order to keep up with quick attackers.